Track & Trace

A track & trace system allows us to provide you with even more accurate information.

TGW is pushing the boundaries of technological progress. First, we want to contribute in a sustainable way, and second, we aim to elevate our processes and services towards the highest level. That's why we integrated a track & trace system in 2013. 

Discover how this makes a difference.

Track & Trace

For our customers

Every one of our vehicles is equipped with a state-of-the-art track & trace system. This is because our customers want to be kept updated about the status of their transportation. Our track & trace solution has enabled us to communicate the most accurate status and location of the transport. 

Track & Trace

for ourselves

Furthermore, our track & trace system is a beneficial solution for our internal processes. We can respond preventively to changes on the road, and are able to optimize our future journeys. 

for the environment

It also introduces a sustainable aspect. We are able to work out our trips in the most ecological way and avoid traffic jams

In addition, we can close the circle with a digital invoice. This is an incredibly eco-friendly system that enables us to reduce paper consumption. 


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