Freight transport

Thanks to our extensive fleet of vehicles, we are able to get your goods from A to B smoothly and safely.

Freight transport

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Freight transport

The first character in TGW represents Transport.* We have become a major player in terms of freight transport in Belgium and Europe since the 1990s. Our drivers travel thousands of kilometers every day to complete various assignments.

* (We explain the significance of the other characters on our About Us page).

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The perfect transport solution...

A particularly heavy shipment, high or very long freight, goods requiring particular care ... No challenge goes beyond the limits of TGW. We can guarantee to find the right solution to get your items from point A to point B. No matter if that point is in Belgium or anywhere else in the EU.

Our planners and drivers will map every assignment and take advantage of all opportunities. This way, we can fulfill your task as efficiently as possible. 

For every challenge

TGW is an established name when it comes to covered transport. However, we do much more than that. Our extensive fleet offers a solution for every type of transport. We can safely and responsibly carry nearly anything, as large and as heavy as you could possibly imagine.

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How we make a difference every day

TGW is more than just a transportation provider. Discover how we make a difference for our customers each and every day. 


Our customers are genuine partners expecting a customized solution.


TGW is first and foremost a family business, which you can sense in every detail.


We proactively think along about the challenges of our customers.


We have over 30 years (and millions of kilometers) on our meter.


We embrace the right technology to optimize your transportation.


TGW is a proven expert in transportation and warehousing.

Continuous progress

Standing still is not an option, particularly in the world of transportation. We therefore use various technological tools.

We therefore decided a few years ago to install a TMS and Document Management System, on-board computers, online GPS tracking and all kinds of telecom tools. This gives customers even more insights into their transport.


Customized solutions

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Extra storage space for your goods? Besides transportation, TGW offers flexible stock management to store your goods for as long as needed.

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