Extra storage space for your goods? Besides transportation, TGW offers flexible stock management to store your goods for as long as needed.


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Are you in temporary need of extra storage space? Our space and flexible stock management enable you to respond promptly. You make a booking, receive correct assistance and get access to your storage whenever you want. 

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Space for your business

Are you struggling with overstock or (temporary) space problems? Do you want to have your storage space managed externally and thus save on the establishment and personnel expenses of your warehouse? 

If so, you're in the right place at TGW. We have enough storage space to accommodate your goods for short or long periods. We can stack goods at the desired height and have stock & floor locations that can carry up to 1,500 kilograms.

Professional warehouse for various items

TGW has an extensive portfolio of goods to stock. We already stored bathroom items, cosmetics, interior items, small electro, machine parts, building materials, ... This inventory is in good hands, due to our warehouse alarm and camera surveillance. 

We do not store food products, dangerous products, temperature-sensitive products and raw materials.

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How we make a difference every day

TGW has a comprehensive warehouse. Yet we offer much more than just a standard storage facility for your temporary stock. 


Our customers are genuine partners expecting a customized solution.


TGW is first and foremost a family business, which you can sense in every detail.


We proactively think along about the challenges of our customers.


We have over 30 years (and millions of kilometers) on our meter.


We embrace the right technology to optimize your transportation.


TGW is a proven expert in transportation and warehousing.

4.000 square meters of warehouse space

Our warehouse boasts a spacious area of 4,000 square meters. That's sufficient for 3,200 Euro Pallets with a maximum height of 1.80 meters. Are your pallets smaller? Then we simply adjust our racks to the desired height.


Customized solutions

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Other services

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Freight transport

Thanks to our extensive fleet of vehicles, we are able to get your goods from A to B smoothly and safely.

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Freight transport


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Are you looking for an experienced partner in transportation and warehousing to take care of all your worries? Get in touch with TGW to find out how we can help you.