TGW as a sustainable transportation and warehousing partner

The transportation industry isn't exactly recognized for being the most eco-friendly industry around. Nevertheless, the TGW team is constantly trying to make a difference. We want to work in the most eco-friendly way and contribute to sustainability. 

We do this throughout our processes and the way we work:

Be better on the road

We optimize our routes and try to avoid empty returns. In addition, our entire fleet has EURO6 low-emission engines.

Eco-friendly warehouse

Our new warehouse is equipped with active LED lighting and solar panels. This way we only use the power we need... and that we created ourselves!

Sustainability in our processes

We optimize our processes and try to maximize sustainability. For example, we have fully embraced digital invoicing and communication.

Track & Trace

A sustainable future

It goes without saying that we continue to explore new ways to make a difference. High-quality electrical trucks are currently a thing of the future, but our team members are keeping a close eye on the current market and technologies. 

This way, we contribute to both sustainable partnerships and a future for the transportation industry. 


Looking for a sustainable transportation and warehousing partner?

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